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A companion pet can bring immeasurable love, joy and happiness to their family, as they are often considered a member of the family. When a beloved pet dies, the loss of that adored friend can be devastating. During this time of loss, pet parents often seek the same level of care, respect and dignity for their pet as they do for their human family members.  

Unfortunatley for decades and even still to this day, there is a significant lack of Federal & State regulation in place to guide and oversee the operations of pet funeral and pet cremation providers. With this lack of oversight the potential for unethical practices can and do occur. Service levels, operational practices and standards vary greatly from pet cremation provider to pet cremation provider with no assurance in quality. Not only is this extremely concerning but it is very challenging for pet parents to find reputable pet loss providers that will care for their deceased pet with the respect and dignity their companion pet deserves.

Pet Passages is recognized as the leading authority within the pet loss profession and not only has Pet Passages met the above challenge, we are committed to our profession with our main goal being to constantly raise the bar and be the standard bearer of quality for pet loss professionals nationwide.


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