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Pet Loss… it’s personal

About Us- The Story behind Pet Passages, Inc.

Following in the footsteps of their grandfather and father, Mike and Rick Harris, Jr. are third-generation Funeral Directors who proudly carry on a family tradition of more than 70 years at their families funeral home in the state of New York. 

It was late spring of 2008 when Mike Harris lost two of his best friends, Rottweilers Hannah and Luke (Luke in purple and Hannah in red), just two months apart from one another. Devastated at the loss of his loving dogs, Mike along with the entire Harris Family wanted to care for their deceased pets with the same love and respect they offered them in life… just as it would be for any one of their human family members. They soon discovered though, that the level of pet loss care available to them was quite poor compared to the care Mike and his family were accustomed to providing to area families as Funeral Directors. As Mike continued to research and learn about available options, the more he was appalled with the treatment pet family members received upon their death. 

Our loss became our dream…

Like his brother, Rick, Jr. is an avid animal lover who also has lost his best friend, Jessie. Together, Mike and Rick, Jr. knew their education, training, and experience along with their family’s heritage they could do a great deal to improve the quality of pet loss in thier home town. Believing pet family members deserve not only the very best in life but also in death, they set out to gather as much information and learn as much as they could about pet loss services. To their astonishment, they learned that the way pet loss was handled at home was the norm across the nation! With this knowledge, they knew they needed to do something.

Knowing in their hearts that adding pet loss services to their funeral business was the right thing to do, they opened the doors to Pets at Peace by Harris Funeral Home September 1, 2009. 

With the instant success of their new pet funeral home and crematory the brothers realized that with their business model, training and experience they could help pet parents all over the country. So they decided to form a company that would raise the bar and set the standard for pet loss across North America. Pet Passages, Inc.™ was formed in August of 2011. Since its formation Pet Passages™ has become the standard bearer of Best-In-Class pet funeral and cremation providers nationwide and continues to raise the bar for the pet loss profession. Each Pet Passages™ affiliate location is independently owned and operated, which means your needs come first. The owners and staff of each affiliate location undergo a rigorous training program at Pet Passages™ Academy and upon completion and the demonstration of proper skills are then certified as Pet Funeral Directors. In accepting the responsibilities of a Certified Pet Funeral Director, and as a condition of ownership and/or affiliation with Pet Passages™, our affiliates affirm the following and hereby pledge to abide by:


  1.  The Pet Passages™  Code of Good Conduct
  • To adhere to the highest standard of conduct in all aspects of business.

  • To provide the highest level of respect and dignity to the deceased pets in their care.

  • To demonstrate community pride and leadership as independent, locally owned businesses.

  • To dedicate their firm to on-going education and training.

  • To maintain qualified competent staff and certified crematory operators.

  • To maintain appropriate facilities and suitable equipment required for comprehensive pet loss and cremation services.

  • To make no representation, written or oral, which may be false or misleading and to apply a standard of honesty in all dealings.

  • To extend to consumers the right to inspect their facilities.

    To conduct themselves at all times in a manner deserving of the public trust.

  1.  Utilize Secure Passages™ -the most comprehensive and transparent pet identification, pet tracking and chain of custody procedure utilized by pet loss professionals anywhere in the world.

Mike Harris, Owner, President & CEO 
and Maya Harris, Chief Public Relations Officer



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